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Located at Cégep André-Laurendeau, Optech is involved in research development at the institution and also in school life. Optech has been working with the CEGEP for over 15 years and recruits interns every year. The center recognizes the importance of involving teachers and students in its team.

The PART and NSERC projects are the main opportunities for teachers and students to participate in Optech’s research and technical assistance projects.

As of 2015-2016, Optech has experienced a decrease in the contribution of NSERC’s two IR programs. This impact has directly affected Optech’s ability to relieve teachers and engage students in its research or technical assistance projects. In fact, the majority of projects involving teachers and students are funded by the CRNSG and the PART and FRQNT programs.

This is why Optech is now trying to adapt and adjust to the school’s timetable in order to effectively involve students and especially teachers in their long-term projects. In general, PART projects are relatively well-coordinated with teaching sessions.

Optech makes it possible to contribute to the improvement of college training through various actions.

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College education

Optech first targets students in Engineering Technology programs to become interns at Optech, and then hire them once they graduate. The research center also serves as an intermediary for students to obtain an internship or a job by soliciting their network such as Excelitas, Autolog, Teraxion, etc.

Optech has also developed new or revised training programs in the field of Optronics and Optics in the three CEGEPs. The center has made it possible to prepare new courses at the college level and to improve them, such as the addition of AI teaching, engineering technology, and arts courses, letters, and communications through the SEP grants (Fonex, Aeponyx, Iregular, 4d Art, etc.).

Improving College Education

Optech has improved college education by maintaining good relations with the student community and participating in training programs. Optech’s scientific and technical staff regularly participate in teaching in college-level training programs. In addition, the center allows students specialized in engineering physics technology to use its research equipment.

Developing the expertise of college teachers

Optech’s presence at Cégep André-Laurendeau has also helped develop the expertise of college teachers. First, by updating the technical or scientific knowledge in the fast-changing cutting-edge sectors of equipment on manufacturing processes in companies. Optech has made it possible to enrich the task of teachers on real problems of the company or user environments.

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The Optech research center not only serves businesses but has made a place for itself in the college environment. It has helped to improve the content of college training programs, the participation of students in their projects, and make our facilities available to them. We have fostered the integration of students into the professional environment with our clients and have hired several interns. Optech has thus made it possible to involve several teachers who, by contributing to our projects, have advanced their knowledge, their courses, and their programs. In addition, we have guided students in carrying out practical work useful for the industry.