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 At the end of December, Denis Lafrance, General manager of Optech, will retire after 16 years at the Centre de Technologie Physique et Photonique de Montréal. He will be replaced by his Deputy manager, Maroun Massabki, who will become the new CEO in January 2022.

Meet Maroun Massabki

Maroun Massabki has replaced Denis Lafrance as the new General Manager.

“It is with great pleasure and pride that I will lead, with the entire Optech team, the excellent work started in recent years. Thanks to an exceptional and motivating team, we will continue to grow with the same level of excellence and passion for which we are recognized,” says Maroun Massabki.

Maroun Massabki has led his entire career in optics and photonics, with more than 25 years in the academic, public and private sectors. He has also worked as Director of Engineering at Optis Canada, Project Manager at XYZ Imaging, Optical Telecommunications Engineer at Vipswitch, and Research Officer at the National Research Council of Canada. In 2010, he joined Optech and held the positions of Development and Innovation manager and Deputy manager concurrently.

He hold a degree in Engineering from Polytechnique Montréal and is a member of several engineering organizations and companies. Since joining Optech, he has been involved in structuring more than 600 technology development projects with hundreds of partner companies. He is recognized as an expert in research team management and business development in research and development services.


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