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Photometric Measurements : Lamp Testing Services

LM-79 testing captures performance characteristics of products that feature solid-state lighting (SSL) technology, including light-emitting diodes (LEDs). This testing provides a snapshot of performance under specified operating conditions at some point in the life of a product, usually at the beginning of operation

Why select Optech for your Lamps Testing services ?

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Understanding lm-79 reports

Our experts can guide you through all stages of the IES LM-79 test. In addition to the initial report, our team will help you understand what is happening in the near field to adjust the far field, so we will provide you in addition to the test, a complete analysis for a better understanding and possible solutions if necessary

Our Photometric Measurements :

We test to numerous standards and country, state, or local requirements for the following decorative or functional lamps: LED, CFL, Fluorescent, High-Intensity Discharge (HID), Incandescent and Induction.

Services for your decorative or functional lamps:

  • Certification
  • Performance
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Emissions and Immunity
  • Data Acceptance and Satellite
  • Onsite Inspection and Labeling
  • Consultancy Services

Our Equipment

Our applied research and development efforts focus on both manipulating and shaping the fibres themselves and designing and prototyping optical sensors and a variety of fibre subsystems. 

Ocean Optics, USB 4000

Le USB4000 est un spectromètre compact et rapide travaillant dans le visible jusqu’au proche infrarouge, de 400 nm à 1000 nm, avec une résolution de l’ordre du nanomètre.

Oriel, Cornerstone 130

Le Oriel Cornerstone 130 est un monochromateur. Il s’agit d’un instrument idéal pour les applications de recherche et OEM. Il est facile de choisir la bonne application avec des modèles préconfigurés qui sont compatibles avec la plupart des besoins.

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Here are a few projects that mobilize fibre optics and sensors

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