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Researchers of the Optech team, with their many years of experience in the private sector, understand the imperatives of industrial projects and are able to effectively design, prototype and test adapted solutions. Optech also promotes synergy among business owners, researchers, teachers, students, and its partners. The model of a technology transfer centre, where ongoing training is a given, keeps us at the cutting edge and gives us access to a pool of young talent that can join the Optech team.

Maroun Massabki

General Manager

Alexandre Wetter

Operations Director

Yan Duval

Program Manager

Paul Jr Philipps

Accounting Director

Valérie Girardin

Business development director

Nathalie Plouffe

Administrative Assistant

Isabelle Dicaire

Development and innovation manager / environment and agri-food

Marie-Maude de Denus-Baillargeon

Photonics Specialist

Mathieu Riendeau

Development and innovation manager / Specialized services

Patrick Orsini

Development and innovation manager / transportation and communications

Joannie Desroches

Development and innovation manager / Medtech

Martin Langlois

Project manager & Service point Manager at La Pocatière | Quebec area

Jacques Bismuth

Optical Designer

Marc-André Blais

Automation and Instrumentation Project Manager

Louis Bouchard

Software Designer

Julien Colimon

Optical and Photometry Technician

Jean-Simon Corbeil

Photonics Specialist

Charles-André Couture

Optical Designer

Fleur Dehayem

Technical Editor & Project Manager

Érick Jarry

Optical Specialist

Bilal Khomri

Artificial Intelligence Researcher

Richard Lang

Optical Designer

Éric Laplante

Accounting Manager

Stéphanie Lemejouk Sonfack

I.T technician

Iris Maldonado

Accountant Assistant

Catherine Provencher

Optical Technician

Antonin Riera

Optical Specialist - Artificial Intelligence section

Miguel Rondeau

Photonics Technician

Michael Segev

Optoelectronic designer

Keven Savard

Mechanical Technician

Christophe-Badié Togola

Optical Technician

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