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Imaging and illumination

We provide innovative imaging and illumination solutions to today’s challenges by combining characterization, design, and command of manufacturing and assembly processes.

Optical Design

We use recognized techniques and software to realize optical designs adapted to each project.
We take advantage of mass-produced optics, specialized, custom designed and manufactured lenses and even freeform optics, whose properties are particularly well suited to new-generation sources such as LEDs.


In our photometry lab, we can fully characterize light sources and the optical properties of materials.

Freeform Optics

We design our own freeform optics using simulation software and prototyping capabilities including a diamond turning lathe and cutting-edge metrology techniques to validate performance.

Precision Optomechanical Assembly

Our optomechanical assemblies achieve the positioning tolerances required for high optical performance. Our design criteria allow us to adjust to different operating conditions while staying within the inevitable cost constraints.

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