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Optical AI

Focusing simultaneously on two strengths of the Quebec ecosystem: optics and artificial intelligence.

Our Optical AI experts guide you throughout your project process. We apply the combined potential of AI and optics to fields including agriculture, biomedical, computer vision and the performing arts.

The Optech Approach

Optech’s Optical AI services help you develop your optical prototype and extract tangible results using AI and the physical principles behind the data obtained. Optech’s approach is to inject a physical interpretation of the AI models obtained to make a direct link with the prototype being developed and optimize it. This approach differs from an AI analysis driven by massive quantities of data, which can be useful when the physical principles in basic research aren’t as well known. We design both the optical, optomechanical, opto-electrical and software components and the AI analysis methods in a consistent manner. We provide development of specialized optical systems for artificial intelligence applications that integrate, from the earliest design phases, material and software intentions.

Optical AI

Our expertises: Optical & AI

Our expertise in optics allows us to create tailor-made optical equipment prototypes. We have the capacity to monitor the source and quality of data to guarantee the success of the AI application in your operations.

Our expertise in AI allows us to create and develop a model adapted to the physical nature of the data newly created by your prototype in order to obtain value-added information to optimize your operations, processes or products. Our experts guide you in designing the right strategy and accessing the appropriate tools to make a success of your digital transformation.

Advantages to your company

Our approach, based on the simultaneous integration and development of the prototype’s material architecture, the analysis platform for the AI data and the validation tests, aims to make developing the prototype and keeping it in production more transparent and efficient. Managing our projects’ life cycle is handled through cooperation and communication between our AI experts and our professionals specializing in physics, mechanics, optics and electronics.

Our objective is to guide you through your digital shift while also focusing on the commercial and regulatory requirements in effect in your areas of application.

Unique, proprietary data acquisition

Reduction in the effort to prepare data requiring human intervention

Obtaining final results through optical acquisition and optimized AI processing

Industrial Vision

We design and realize intelligent embedded vision systems adapted to industrial environments.

We specialize in defect and anomaly detection, a solution to enhance production quality and reduce operating costs.



We use artificial intelligence for detecting disease and pathogenic agents as well as for assessing water stress and external damage in plants based on multi- and hyper-spectral imaging data.


Intelligent Optical Sensors

We offer intelligent optical sensor solutions for analyzing events on site and in real time using artificial intelligence that operates directly through the sensor.

These solutions are ideal for interactive applications or for integrating automated systems.


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