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Our optical metrology instruments inventory includes commercially available and proprietary setups used for a wide range of analyses, from the physical characteristics of objects to their chemical compositionThis includes digitization, photometry, spectrometry and microscopy capabilities. 

Dimensional Metrology

We design solutions adapted to each problem using the most appropriate architecture (3D digitization through structured light, laser lines, static or dynamic 2D patterns, stereoscopy, etc.), as well as dedicated algorithmic processing.

Optical Sensors

By combining our fibre sensors, our illumination designs and our microsystems, we develop and prototype industrial control systems adapted to Industry 4.0. The availability of high-volume consumer items allows us to integrate high-technology products at reasonable cost (speed sensors, spectrum analysis, etc.). Solutions of interest could also be found through lab-on-a-chip approaches.


Our cutting-edge spectrophotometric instruments for UV, visible light and NIR, backed by our expertise, allow us to analyze both the physical properties of materials and their chemical composition.
Our work also includes designing collection optics for Raman spectrometry.

Remote Sensing

We design dedicated systems that incorporate commercially available components to carry out remote sensing of chemicals such as greenhouse gases and toxic substances.

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