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We offer support to businesses for designing and prototyping optical microsystems by working with four aspects of technology: micromachining, micromanufacturing, microprinting and microassembly. 


Based on our design and manufacturing methods, we can make suggestions to our partners about the right assembly processes for achieving tolerances of a few microns on micro-optical components.

We cover all aspects of development and process control, ranging from the choice of adhesives and sealants to techniques for inspecting and validating assemblies.
Using our ficonTEC platforms, we can develop fully automated assembly processes to propose to our partners.


We have expert knowledge in aerosol jet printing on three-dimensional substrates as well as in the production of functional inks made up of nanoparticles.

Due to the nature of the functional ink used, these microprints can go on to form the active principle of the sensor itself or the device’s electrical circuit.


We design and prototype micro-optical components (microlenses, micromirrors and microprisms) and the micromechanical templates used to assemble them. We can also replicate some components in small volume to help with nanoembossing.

Through our network of partners, we can then move on to high-volume reproduction of these components using photolithograpy.

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