Improved multimode macroscopic imaging technology for phenotyping stress markers (defense proteins)

25 September 2023

Preliminary feasibility study of an optical transceiver’s architecture in free space for high-speed communication

8 March 2022

Development of sensors based on lanthanide-doped nanoparticles for diagnostic detection and quantification of ions

2 February 2022

Mapping of the illumination of greenhouses and growth carts of a laboratory for the production of plants resulting from somatic embryogenesis

12 October 2021

Development of a non-destructive plant phenotyping method based on the use of Raman spectroscopy

16 July 2021

Preliminary feasibility study of an architecture of a compact optical system for the detection of nitrates in soils

20 April 2021

Development of non-destructive optical tools and methods for characterizing plant metabolism

1 April 2021

Development of an imaging system through Raman spectroscopy and fluorescence for endoscopic probes

3 December 2020

Preliminary feasibility study of a diagnostic strategy for a telecommunications network

21 November 2018

Development of an assembly process for a medical optical probe

24 February 2016