Mapping of the illumination of greenhouses and growth carts of a laboratory for the production of plants resulting from somatic embryogenesis

12 October 2021

Dental Wings – Optics for dental laboratories and clinics

9 April 2020

Experimental development of a tartar detection prototype based on optical sensors

31 October 2018

Feasibility study of an integrated strategy for the management of steel mill residual materials

31 July 2018

Preliminary design of a quality control system for extruded polyurethane membranes

25 April 2018

Experimental development of a close-up optical objective for a document verification system

20 March 2018

Development of a headlamp self-calibration system for anamorphic projections

11 September 2017

Development of exclusion zones for toy vehicles

28 March 2017

Design of an inspection station for selective waste sorting

4 October 2016

Technical feasibility study of an instrument for optical sorting of textiles

10 June 2016