Beacons to secure airspace

9 February 2022

Development of sensors based on lanthanide-doped nanoparticles for diagnostic detection and quantification of ions

2 February 2022

Experimental development of a tartar detection prototype based on optical sensors

31 October 2018

Design of an innovative type of LED source for high efficiency outdoor luminaire

30 August 2018

Preliminary development of a numerical method for assessing glare from LED-based sources

9 December 2016

Attaching an FPA to a TEC in a vacuum housing

10 June 2016

The optical design of a new generation of multifunction presence detectors

4 April 2016

Feasibility study for real-time detection of chromium released by rinsing electroplating baths

25 March 2016

Preliminary feasibility study of an optical sensor for the detection of ionic silica in water

3 July 2015

Preliminary study of the thermal management of a lamp based on light-emitting diodes

19 June 2015