Development of Agrophotonics

This international cooperation project, in connection to the recent report by the 2018 World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit, was aimed at exchanging ideas about the mechanisms and potential avenues for the development of agriphotonics in Quebec and France based on Industry 4.0 technological innovations. The development of digital tools incorporating photonic innovation – including lighting, sensors, lasers, industrial vision detection using 2D/3D imaging, portable spectroscopy, and fibre optic technology – was the primary issue.

The objectives of the missions to France and the visits to Quebec were to evaluate the expertise and technological complementarity of photonics industry stakeholders and project partners, identify the needs of the agricultural/agri-food industry in both countries, discuss business support mechanisms and work toward potential collaborative industrial projects in the event there was a synergy between the teams.


  1. The two communities supporting the project, Lannion Trégor Communauté, and the Kamouraska MRC, worked closely together.
  2. Both business clusters, Optonique and Photonics Bretagne shared the highlights of the mission with their members.
  3. Photonics Bretagne and Optech, the applied research centres that were the main partners and initiators of the collaborative project, as well as Biopterre, identified potential improvements in the service offers for their client companies.

Where it can lead:

Strong synergy emerged between the teams during their respective missions, and ideas for collaborative industrial ideas are being discussed. A follow-up to the project is being considered!

Impact on teaching: Potential for internship exchanges

Photo credit: Photonics Bretagne 2019

Upcoming Events

  • Agriphotonics mission #2 to Brittany. Program being formulated. Proposed visits: CEA-Tech and Arvalis (active in agriphotonics), as well as several industrial visits. SPACE 2020 trade show. Lycée Agricole de Pommerit. We are looking for Quebec participants for the French mission.
    Location: Brittany, France
  • Agriphotonics mission #2 from France to Quebec. Program being formulated. We are looking for Quebec participants to organize agriphotonics visits and events.
    Location: Quebec, details to follow
  • The 6th France-Quebec Decentralized Cooperation Proceedings, the flagship event of the Commission Permanente de Coopération Franco-Québécoise, overseen by Quebec’s Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie (MRIF) and France’s Ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères
    Location: La Rochelle, France. Program details: visibility for stakeholders in the Development of Agriphotonics in Two Countries project and presentation of the early results of the project