Foule animée - Pixmob / Interactive Optics

Montreal-based PixMob develops unique and versatile multimedia approaches for activating lighting effects in crowds at major events. Optech designed and implemented a new optical configuration to optimize system performance.

Portable devices created by PixMob, worn by spectators, respond to commands from an interactive optical infrared projection system. The devices can illuminate, extinguish, flash, change color or sparkle. PixMob has demonstrated its expertise on a global scale at major events such as the 2014 Super Bowl and the Sochi Olympic Games.

“PixMob is proud to have collaborated with Optech and Cégep André-Laurendeau. Our teams were able to work together to develop new, more efficient imaging and projection optics. The results will soon be implemented in the field”
– Vincent Leclerc, CTO, PixMob

With the help of an Applied Research and Development (ARD) grant obtained in 2014 by Cégep André-Laurendeau, Optech researchers first characterized the optical performance of the projector used by Pixmob. They then created a CAD model of the projector and optimized a new optical gear and projection lens using simulation software to substantially increase the luminous intensity of the visual information projected. Finally, the researchers assembled a new prototype featuring components optimized for a narrow band of lengths in the near infrared. Optech then used a diamond-headed lathe to manufacture the free-form acrylic lenses that form part of the imaging system. The new projector now delivers a 300% increase in projected intensity, as well as marked improvements in angular coverage and uniformity of projected images.