Imagerie métabolique en prévention / Metabolic Imaging to Prevent Retinal Disease

Optina Diagnostics is a company specializing in the development of hyperspectral ocular imaging systems to diagnose retina-related diseases. Optech helped optimize Optina’s innovative technologies through simulations, assemblies and tests of various configurations.

Optina Diagnostics develops hyperspectral cameras for high-speed collecting and processing of light reflected by the back of the eye. From a collection of sequential images of the retina, professionals can non-invasively diagnose and prevent diseases that can lead to vision loss, including age-related macular degeneration (ARMD), diabetic retinopathy (DR), glaucoma and other neurological pathologies.

“The project was a true collaboration where two teams worked in tandem to find the appropriate solution. Access to the Optech team’s expertise, equipment and laboratories was a considerable advantage for accelerating our development.”
– Jean-Philippe Sylvestre, Vice-President, R&D, Optina Diagnostics

With help from an Applied Research and Development (ARD) grant received in 2014 by the André-Laurendeau CEGEP, Optech performed software-based optical simulations of the solutions proposed by Optina in order to identify the best-performing configuration. Optech then designed and assembled an improved optomechanical system for the retinal camera that provided more precise images of the back of the eye.