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Research Funding

Since we are recognized as a public research centre, businesses are able to apply for increased tax credits research funding (SR&ED program). To benefit from this credit, you must make a request for an advanced ruling, generally within 90 days of signing the research contract.

If the project is not eligible for these research tax credit programs, you may be eligible for the Tax Credit for Technological Adaptation Services (CO-1029.8.21.22). Please contact Revenu Québec for more information.

There are several grant categories, divided mainly into business grants and grants for CCTTs and academic institutions. The programs are administered by government ministries, consortiums, and public organizations.

The programs are numerous, varied, and evolve over time. We will identify the research funding programs that best suit your development plans, help you determine whether your projects are eligible, and guide you in the application process.

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Our Laboratories

Photometric measurements, fast prototyping, 3D printing and lab/equipment rental