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Specialized services

Agrophotonic measures

Our team of experts performs various measurements and analyses, both in our laboratories and in person, using our various portable equipment, which allows us to characterize the emission of light sources as well as the optical properties of plant parts and materials in place. We are able to deliver our recommendations and advice to achieve your objectives.

Our analysis

The many optical sensors we use for data collection allow us to record growth data for outdoor plants, horticultural greenhouses, and aquatic conditions. Mapping of the energy available for photosynthesis (Photosynthetically Active Radiation PAR) can be done, whether the source is from the sun, artificial light or a combination of both.

We can also carry out various measures to protect workers from light radiation, such as UV, infrared, which are increasingly used in the food production industry. In addition, the measurement of flicker which comes from the variation of luminance of a light source is also measurable to ensure the comfort of employees working under artificial lighting conditions.

The norms

We produce our analyses according to lighting industry standards and best experimental practices.

Our radiometric analyses follow the ANSI/ASABE S640 recommendations for electromagnetic radiation quantities and units for plants (photosynthetic organisms).

Our equipments

  • Optometer Li-cor LI-1500 and its different sensors PAR, photometric and pyranometer.
  • ASD LabSpec 4 Hi-Res portable spectrometer
  • Spectroradiometer GL Spectis Touch + Flicker
  • Optometer ILT2400 and sensors for worker safety (UV, disinfection, melanopic, infrared and blue light)
  • CCM-200 plus for chlorophyll measurement
  • DUALEX® SCIENTIFIC for the measurement of epidermal flavonols, epidermal anthocyanins, NBI (Nitrogen Balance Index) and surface chlorophyll content
  • CI-202 for leaf area measurement
  • CI-710 leaf spectrometer
  • Konica-Minolta CM-700d spectrophotometer
  • Conviron GEN1000 growth chamber.

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