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Using the latest scientific advances and our expertise, Optech can help you with every stage of optical design, optomechanics, optoelectronics, software, and process automation.

We will also help you identify the innovation assistance programs that best suit you to support every phase of your R&D.

Our optics research work is mainly consolidated around four areas of expertise – fiber optics and sensors, imaging and lighting, metrology, and microsystems – and encompasses such fields as agrophotonics, the performing arts, and biomedical.

Expertise fields

Fibre Optics and Sensors

Fibre optic packaging (tapering, splicing, coupling) of conventional and medium infrared fibres

Bragg grating writing station

Design and industrialization of fibre sensors for reading physical data

Imagery and Illumination

Optical design and prototyping of imagery and illumination systems

Design of free-form lenses, optomechanical assemblies, visual ergonomic evaluations and photometric analysis


3D digitization, photometric and spectrometric analysis

Quality and performance control of optical systems

Dimensional metrology and microscopy


Design, manufacture and implementation of optical microsystems

Optical and optoelectronic microfabrication, microprinting and microassembly

Optical sensor miniaturization

Artificial Intelligence

Creation and development of models adapted to the physical nature of the data

Simultaneous integration and development of prototype hardware architecture, AI data analysis platform and testing and validation