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Specialized Services

Alongside our research and development activities, we provide a range of specialized services to accommodate the more ad-hoc needs of your projects.

Photometric Measurements

Characterization of light source emissions

  • energy efficiency
  • spatial and angular distribution

Optical properties of materials, in surface and volume

  • colorimetry
  • spectrometry
  • distribution (BRDF, BTDF)
  • transmission, refraction and absorption properties


Prototyping of optical components

  • plastic and optical crystal lenses
  • mirrors (non-ferrous alloys)
  • optical microsystems using microembossing and laser lithography
    • micromasks
    • diffractive systems
    • Fresnel microlenses

Specialized Imaging

Computer vision

  • Image analysis, including in industrial settings
  • Illumination control

Thermal image analysis

Laser beam property analysis

  • M2
  • temporal pulse profiles

High-speed and thermal camera rental

3D Digitization

Flexible, adaptable platforms for 3D digitization

  • 3D metrology
  • commercially available digitizers
  • design of dedicated digitization systems for your application
  • specialized algorithm programming (automated calibration or adaptive mapping for architectural projections)