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Specialized Services

3D Digitization

Using the expertise we have developed in 3D digitization, combined with our proprietary and commercially available digitizers, we can design and produce systems dedicated to your application.

Our Designs

Our complete systems are appropriate for industrial or biomedical fields as well as the performing arts and architecture. The 3D digitization dimensions, resolutions, and speeds are flexible and can be defined according to your needs. We can create algorithms for an existing material or design a system from A to Z.

Our Devices

Our commercially available digitizers can achieve a resolution of 50μm for parts with sides several centimetres long (Romer RA-7520), and we own confocal (Olympus DSX500) and interferometric (Bruker Contour GT-K) microscopes that can measure microscopic components with a resolution of 1μm as well as surface roughness of up to 0.2 μm.

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