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Specialized Services

Photometric Measurements

Our photometric measurements lab is one of the most complete in North America. We characterize light source emissions as well as the optical properties of materials, in surface and volume.

photometric measurements

Our Analyses

In terms of materials, we analyze colorimetry, spectrometry, distribution (BRDF, BTDF) as well as transmission, refraction and absorption properties. For light sources such as LEDs and lasers, we analyze the energy efficiency as well as the spatial and angular distribution of their near-field (.ray file) and far-field (.ies file) emissions.

These analyses are essential for modelling purposes, for example, analyzing the visual ergonomics of a stage, eliminating stray light in an optomechanical assembly or ensuring the photometric stability of everyday consumer products.

And with our spectrophotometer, we can perform chemical composition measurements (qualitative and quantitative) in transmission and reflection.

The Standards

We carry out our analyses according to lighting industry standards and the best experimental practices.

Our photometric measurements efficiency analyses follow the recommendations of the IES LM-79 standard. Through our spectrophotometric analyses, we can determine the hue, the yellowness and whiteness indices, and the global distribution of materials according to the ASTM D1003, E313, and E308 standards.

Our Equipment

  • near-field goniophotometers (small sources → Radiant-Zemax SIG 400, large sources → Radiant-Zemax NFMS 800)
  • Agilent Cary 7000 spectrophotometer (with UMA and DRS accessories)
  • imaging colorimeter (Radiant-Zemax ProMetric 1433-F1)
  • integrating spheres of various diameters (4 inches to 1m)
  • colour-critical visual assessment system (X-Rite SpectraLight QC)

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